Application Process

Admission Process for the B.S.
in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Stage I: Pre-Communication Sciences and Disorders (PCDIS)

All students declaring a major in communication sciences and disorders are accepted as tentative candidates to the undergraduate program and assigned the pre-communication code - PCDIS.

The PCDIS program includes:

  1. Complete all program pre-requisites courses.
  2. Must obtain a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 on all college level coursework at the time of your application.
  3. Complete the following courses with a “C” or better: ENGL 1013, ENGL 1023, MATH 1203 or equivalent, and COMM 1313. Descriptions of the English classes are found in that department's courses page of the Catalog, the math course and the communication class,
  4. Obtain passing scores on the Core Academic Skills for Educator: Math, Reading, and Writing sections of the Praxis Core Exam.

Students who do not meet admission criteria for the B.S. degree program in communication sciences and disorders in any given year may reapply in subsequent years.

Stage II: Admission to the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program CDIS

Admission to the CDIS Program Major is competitive and occurs after completion of all PCDIS requirements identified in Stage I. Applications will open on Jan. 1 and must be submitted by Jan. 31. Submit your application prior to beginning the fall semester of your junior year.

Submit an Application Packet with the following information:

  • Online Application Form
  • Letter of Intent- One-page letter relating why you wish to enter the CDIS Major (upload on application form)
  • Transcripts for all college-level coursework (upload on application form)
  • Submission of passing scores on the Core Academic Skills for Educators: Math, Reading, and Writing sections of the Praxis I Exam -- You may submit a copy of the official Test Results found in your ETS Praxis Account (upload on application form)

Satisfactory completion of an admission interview if requested by faculty committee.

No late applications or late transcripts accepted. Make sure transcripts from other colleges are received and processed so they appear on your UA transcript by January 15. If all your completed classes from all colleges are not listed on your transcript, your application will appear incomplete and will be rejected.