CDIS Honors

Honors Program
Communication Sciences and Disorders

Image of the Honors College medalWhy CDIS Honors?

CDIS undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in the Honors Program of the College of Education and Health Professions. Honors students can take advantage of priority enrollment each semester, work with other honors students in special sections of classes, and be actively involved in typically funded undergraduate research. They graduate with the distinction of summa cum laude, magna cum laude or cum laude printed on their diploma and a medallion presented by the dean of the college.

What's Involved in CDIS Honors?

Honors students complete 8 hours of honors course work selected from a wide range of options in university core and a minimum of 10 additional hours in the CDIS major. The CDIS courses include CDIS 2903H which is taken in the spring semester of the sophomore year, CDIS 3901H an honors tutorial, and a minimum of three hours of CDIS 498VH, which is the honors thesis or honors project taken each semester after the honors tutorial. CDIS offers a variety of courses with honors sections to allow students to choose the honors course that best meet their academic interests.

Joining CDIS Honors

All CDIS undergraduates who want to participate in honors must fill out the Honors College Application Form and request admission into the College of Education and Health Professions Honors Program, even if they have been enrolled in honors through another college at the University of Arkansas. Students who meet the requirements can be admitted to honors upon entry to the university or at any time after their first academic year of studies, even before they are officially accepted into the CDIS major.

Every effort is made to link CDIS honors students with a faculty mentor as early as possible in their undergraduate careers.

CDIS Honors is about connection: person to person, experience, and scholarship to research.