Possible Honors Courses

You can find all honors courses listed by semester via the Office of the Registrar's Schedule of Classes, clicking on the semester then in the next window clicking "Honors Classes."

Below is a partial list of honors courses that can be taken when completing the university core and electives. These courses apply to the honors hours needed for the COEHP Honors Program.


  • BIOL 1541M Honors Principles of Biology Laboratory (enroll in honors lab when enrolling in BIOL 1543H/BIOL 1543 Principles of Biology)
  • CHEM 1021M Honors Basic Chemistry for Health Sciences Laboratory (enroll in honors lab when enrolling in CHEM 1023 Basic Chemistry)
  • PHYS 1021M Honors Physics and Human Affairs Laboratory (enroll in honors lab when enrolling in PHYS 1023H Honors Physics and Human Affairs)
  • PSYC 2003H Honors General Psychology
  • COMM 1313H Honors Fundamentals of Communication
  • ENGL 1013H Honors Composition I
  • ENGL 1023H Honors Composition II
  • PLSC 2003H Honors American National Government
  • HIST 1123H Honors World Civilization
  • SOCI 2013H Honors General Sociology


  • ANTH 3923H Honors Colloquium: Sexual Meanings
  • ARHS 1003H Honors Art Lecture
  • COMM 1003H Honors Basic Course in the Arts: Film Lecture
  • COMM 3923H Honors Colloquium (topics vary)
  • HUMN 1114H Honors Roots of Culture
  • HUMN 2114H Honors Birth of Modern Culture
  • PHIL 3923H Honors Colloquium: Animal Minds
  • MLIT 1003H Honors Music Lecture
  • DANC 1003H Honors Basic Course in the Arts: Movement and Dance
  • DRAM 1003H Honors Basic Course in the Arts: Theatre Lecture

CDIS Honors Courses

  • CDIS 2903H Intro to Research
  • CDIS 3901H Honors Thesis Tutorial
  • CDIS 3223H Honors, Language Development
  • CDIS 3233H Honors, Intro to Clinical Practice 
  • CDIS 4223H Honors, Language Disorders 
  • CDIS 498VH Honors Thesis Project
  • CDIS 3103H Honors, Intro to Audiology
  • CDIS 4003H Honors, Clinical Practicum (Internship option)
  • CDIS 3253H Honors, Neurology Basis of Communication
  • CDIS 4273H Honors, Communication and Aging