Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for Communication Disorders Undergraduate Program

Students must be enrolled in the College of Education and Health Professions and must declare their major as Pre-Communication Disorders. This may be done on the student's initial application form used for admission to the University of Arkansas. All students are accepted as tentative candidates to the undergraduate program major and given the Pre-Communication Disorders (PCDIS) designation. Please see the Undergraduate Handbook for helpful information.

Undergraduate students in the Program in Communication Disorders have the opportunity to participate in the College of Education and Health Professions Honors Program. For more information, see the CDIS Honors page

Completion of the Program in Communication Disorders consists of a three-stage process. View this information in the Undergraduate Catalog of Studies. 

Undergraduate students who decide to pursue a major in Communication Disorders must submit an application for admission as outlined in Stage II of the catalog's 3-Stage Admission Process.

Students who are accepted into the program will begin coursework in the major starting in the fall semester of their junior year.

Students who do not meet admission requirements in any given year may reapply in subsequent years provided admission requirements are met. 

Students who already have an undergraduate degree in an area of study different from communication disorders can participate in the Post Baccalaureate Plan Option. This program provides individuals with the required academic background to apply for graduate degree programs in speech-language pathology.