Audiology and Hearing Instrument Lab

Margie Gilbertson, Ph.D., CCC-A & SLP

Biography: Margie Gilbertson is dually certified in audiology and speech-language pathology. She teaches courses and provides clinical supervision for graduate and undergraduate student clinicians in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Arkansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She has served on the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. She oversees the Community Hearing Screening Program and provides services in hearing evaluations and hearing aid fittings to the campus and community.

Lab Research Summary: Gilbertson's lab is involved in collecting data from the Community Hearing Screening Program that assists with screenings in a variety of public and private schools and preschools. Of particular interest is developing best practice protocols with children who are learning English as a second language using a combination of Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions screening and behavioral play audiometry with young children. Another topic of interest is education and prevention of hearing loss in young adult musicians who are in the Razorback Marching Band. A third research interest is in developing effective intervention techniques for children and adults with reading disorders that are causally linked to phonological processing deficits.

Research Implications: Research from Gilbertson's lab is expected to impact the quality of service provision for children who receive hearing screenings by improving sensitivity and specificity of hearing loss identification. Another purpose is to prevent hearing loss by expanding use of custom made ear protection for musicians who are exposed to loud levels of music. Developing effective and efficient reading intervention techniques for individuals with reading disorders of all ages can have positive implications for improving reading fluency and decoding abilities for these clients.

Student Impact: Students involved in the lab learn about research methods, study designs, data collection, and have opportunities to present their work at local, state, and national conferences. Students go on to job opportunities in schools, early intervention, medical settings, and private practices where they apply these skills while working with clients.

2018 and 2019 Lab Members: Elizabeth Gschwend, Emily Myers and Sarah Thompson

Selected Projects

  • Sarah Thompson - University of Arkansas Honors Research Project Advisor, (2019-2020). Phonological processing skills and reading ability in young adults.
  • Elizabeth Gschwend - University of Arkansas Honors Research Project Advisor, (2017-2018). Use of otoacoustic emissions hearing screening with preschoolers learning English.
  • Emily Myers - University of Arkansas Honors Research Project Advisor, (2019). Musicians' use of ear protection in a marching band.
  • Littlefield, Madeline - (2019 expected graduation) University of Arkansas Thesis Committee Member. Assessing the pre-literacy skills of children who are enrolled in Head Start programs.